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Emancipation Betrayed: The Hidden History of Black Organizing and White Violence in Florida from Reconstruction to the Bloody Election of 1920 (American Crossroads)

During this penetrating exam of African American politics and tradition, Paul Ortiz throws a strong mild at the fight of black Floridians to create the 1st statewide civil rights circulate opposed to Jim Crow. targeting the interval among the top of slavery and the election of 1920, Emancipation Betrayed vividly demonstrates that the a long time prime as much as the old voter registration force of 1919-20 have been marked through severe battles in which African americans struck for better wages, took up palms to avoid lynching, cast self reliant political alliances, boycotted segregated streetcars, and created a democratic ancient reminiscence of the Civil warfare and Reconstruction.

The Personal Correspondence of Sam Houston: 1839-1845

Within the April, 1971, factor of Southwestern historic Quarterly , historian Llerena good friend wrote that there has been a “need for a brand new modifying of Houston correspondence” to enrich the eight-volume assortment compiled within the Thirties through Eugene C. Barker and Amelia Williams. whilst writer Madge Roberts begun examine for her prior ebook, celebrity of future: the non-public lifetime of Sam and Margaret Houston, she started to acquire simply this type of dossier of formerly unpublished Houston correspondence, which quickly consisted of approximately one thousand letters.

BATTLE FOR CASSINGA: South Africa's Controversial Cross-Border Raid, Angola 1978 (Namibia)

Conflict for Cassinga is written as a firsthand account by way of a typical South African paratrooper who used to be on the 1978 attack at the Angolan headquarters of PLAN, the armed wing of SWAPO. The booklet relates why the South African executive took the political possibility in attacking the fort in an exterior operation and examines the SWAPO claims that Cassinga was once a refugee camp guarded through a number of PLAN squaddies.

Spooky South: Tales of Hauntings, Strange Happenings, and Other Local Lore

Right here we now have a suite of unnerving stories of occasions that happened--and nonetheless do happen--in the collective again backyard of the Deep South states. followed by means of evocative illustrations, those compelling retellings of forty well known folktales function supernatural occurrences and ghosts of every kind, from fiddling ghosts to the tale of the Jack o'Lantern.

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There'd been snow on the ground when she'd driven down off the mesa above Cortez. Heady scents she didn't recognize swept the cab free of the odor of stale McDonald's fries and cat vomit, but they could not clear the head as the scent of pine or rain on the desert did. Smell was primal. This stirred an image deep in Anna's subconscious. Hunched over the wheel, eyes on the writhing black strip of asphalt, she waited as it struggled up through the layers of fatigue: Dorothy's poppy field, Toto, the lion, the girl, tumbling down in a narcotic dream on the outskirts of the Emerald City.

To show the armadillo it could be done. The animals were slow, nearsighted and not terribly bright. The armor they'd evolved to defend themselves was no match for speeding automobiles. This was the first one Anna could remember seeing alive. An old alcoholic's tale said that, when sneaked up on and surprised, the compact little animals would jump straight up, sometimes as much as four feet. Having nothing she'd rather do, Anna decided to see if it was true. Careful to stay directly behind the creature and to walk as quietly as she could-she'd never heard armadillos had keen hearing but this one had big cars and nature was usually a practical mother-she followed the animal in its single-minded grub seeking.

Scraps of wisdom, trash, information and memorabilia from the last half dozen district rangers were crammed in drawers and file cabinets, thumbtacked to walls, taped to cupboards. A vintage computer, the likes of which any self-respecting grade school would turn its nose up at, sat dusty and forlorn in one corner. A deceased roach had turned up six feet worth of toes and lay in the dust beneath a counter built into the far wall and serving as a desk. An office chair, its once ergonomically correct back sprung out of alignment by weight or abuse, awaited her administrative behind.

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