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Pity is a rebel passion' and we were apt to be rather passionately on the side of those likely to be oppressed. Of course we were all Home Rulers. We suspected British governments of behaving elsewhere as they had behaved to the Catholics in Ireland. We joined the Aborigines Protection Society, and we were keen on the protection of animals, children, foreigners, heretics, unpopular minorities and the like. If a boy was unhappy or unpopular at school we assumed that it was the fault of the school and the ____________________ Xtian name is to be'; and ends: 'ps.

M. pointed out that Aubrey had brought a large hone with him from Australia. It went with him everywhere. -29- those which are fashionable in advanced circles. He disapproved of all punishment that was not corporal and direct. Mental punishments, he maintained, were both incalculable and hypocritical. Incalculable, because a mother's frown or look of disapproval might mean great pain to one child and nothing to another. Hypocritical, because they would make him pretend to be shocked or angry when he was not.

Day by day the same. To shoot a duck, to kill a snake, the advent of a tribe of savages, or the slaughtering of an ox for my three men and myself -- which it would take us six months to eat -- were amid the general dullness exciting -23- incidents. The record seemed to indicate a living death, yet I am sorry now that I destroyed it, for the thoughts I had in those days and the opinions I entertained would perhaps be interesting now not only to me but to the good, gentle and loving companion of my days, to Leila and to Evy and even to the boys.

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