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An advent to Theology offers a full of life, modern method of theological questions. It bargains with a couple of major theological concerns together with the Enlightenment, biblical feedback, issues of the Creeds, sleek factors of existence and its questions, and rebuilding theology within the glossy international.
The method is basically "problem centered" within the feel that it seeks to investigate and discover the problems with sure facets of Christian theology. The reader is requested to have interaction in and grapple with very important demanding situations to theology from the philosophical to the mental and sociological, together with philosophical demanding situations to theology from Plato to the current; the relevance of Creeds for modern theology; the clash among clinical and spiritual reasons of occasions; the life of alternative religions; and demanding situations from Marxism, liberalism, and feminism.

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1 ± 32 ± Early Church controversies Even in the twetieth century there have existed what the contemporary churches have considered blasphemous explorations of Jesus' life and person. The last few decades have witnessed the release of a number of films, many of which seek to explore the humanity of Jesus. If Jesus had a human nature as well as a divine nature, what are the implications of this? In The Last Temptation of Christ Jesus dreamed, before his death on the cross, that he had a sexual liaison with Mary Magdalene.

Mary Whitehouse brought the last case of blasphemy in sixty years when she took to court Gay News Ltd, which published a poem that portrayed the centurion's `love' for the crucified body of Christ. Although there are no parallel cases in the Early Church of those who insisted on their freedom to explore the human sexuality of Jesus, there is one loose thread of continuity for, during the history of the Early Church, Christians sought to reconcile the divine nature of Christ with the human nature of Jesus.

15 Recently different considerations have been taken into account ± for example, how do readers respond to the text? What meanings can they draw from the text? How is the Gospel structured to convey a particular meaning? The approach therefore can be fairly literary. Also becoming increasingly significant is a form of criticism that has been labelled ideological criticism. This includes looking at the particular society in which the biblical material was written and how this has shaped the tradition.

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