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By T. C. and Kurt Benirschke Hsu

New york 1967-1971 Springer. four thardcover hree ring binders. quarto. One binder--Table of Contents and Cumulative Index for quantity 1-6; One binder of Folios for Primates in Volumes 1-5; One binder of non-Primate Folios in Volumes 1-5; One binder for quantity 6 (Primates and non-Primates). backbone label on index quantity. Volumes 1-6 and index quantity in four binders:

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Hayman and Martin describe the sex chromosome mosaicism that seems to occur in this species. Testes have 14 XY, ovaries 14 XX. Bone marrow, lymphocytes and spleen have 13 XO in both sexes. Corneal epithelium and intestine have 14 XY or 14 XX, and Jackson and Ellern find 2n=l4 in the skin cultures of two males and four females they studied. They also provide arm ratio measurements. : The mitotic chromosomes of marsupials and their bearing on taxonomy and phylogeny. Austr. J. Zool. i:38, 1961. L.

X v X X Volume 4, Folio 158, 1970 Order: CHIROPTERA Family: MOLOSSIDAE Tadarida braziliensis (Mexican free-tailed bat) 2n=48 Volume 4, Folio 159,1970 Order: Family: MOLOSSIDAE CHIROPTERA Tadarida braziliensis (Mexican free-tailed bat) 2n=48 AUTOSOMES: 6 Metacentries and submetacentrics 40 Acrocentrics and subtelocentrics SEX CHROMOSOMES: X Metacentric Y Acrocentric A number of the "acrocentric" chromosomes have distinct second arm and one pair bears a secondary constriction near the centromere.

Southwest. Natural. 11:407, 1967. J. : The multiple sex chromosome system of American leaf-nosed bats (Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae). Cytogenetics I:27, 1968. Order: CHIROPTERA Family: PHYLLOSTOMIDAE Sturnira lilium (Yellow-shouldered bat) 2n=30 X y i\~ nl\ ö --~~ X X Volume4, Folio 156,1970 Order: CHIROPTERA Family: VESPERTILIONIDAE Eptesicus fuscus (Big brown bat) 2n=50 Volume4, Folio 157, 1970 Order: CHIROPTERA Family: VESPERTILIONIDAE Eptesicus fuscus (Big brown bat) 2n=50 AUTOSOMES: 48 Acrecentries SEX CHROMOSOMES: X Submetacentric Y Minute Three pairs of the autosomes are distinctly smaller than the rest which forms a smooth size gradation.

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