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By Allen O'Bannon, Mike Clelland

Over a hundred tips for newcomers and specialists seeking to increase their telemark snowboarding. jam-packed with humorous & useful illustrations.

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Page 41 41 Punch downhill with that uphill hand This is a good aggressive way to get your uphill hand back in front of you after each pole plant. Just imagine socking someone shorter than you down the fall line. Don't hold back, you can forcefully lead with your shoulder to get some KO power. Also, having your hands down the hill keeps you from leaning into the slope behind you. It keeps your mass moving downward and not back into the slope, which would cause you to skid out. Also, when you let your hands lag behind you after a turn, you aren't set up for your next turn.

Anyone can stand still on one leg, but to do it while moving is a different story, and mastering this skill takes some of us longer than others. The best way to get the dynamic balance required is to simply spend time on skis gliding about. You don't necessarily need to be doing turns downhill; just kicking and gliding along in the flats will help. Indeed, I try to convince my students to spend as much time as possible on their skis, because the more comfortable you are with those long pointy things on your feet, the better you will be at controlling them.

Pretend you are delivering a tray of fine wine to your friends down the fall line. Page 64 67 Rooster-tail off the back ski This is a great way to get you shifting more weight to that back ski. While difficult to do, it's easy to imagine. Concentrate on throwing all your weight and power on your back ski. As a mental exercise, this can help you break the habit of too much weight on the front ski. Page 65 68 Review your tracks Skiing gracefully is an expressive art form. The tracks you create are really works of art that can tell you a lot about your skiing.

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