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By Ana Roca and John Lipski, 155–182. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. ———. 1994. ” Anuario de Lingüística Hispánica 10. 179–216 ———. 1995a. ” Romance Philology 49. 130–167. ———. 1995b. ” Linguistics 33. 283–304. ———. 1995c. ” Presented at the annual meeting of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP), San Diego, California, August 1995. psu. htm ———. 1996a. ” América Negra 11. 31–60. ———. 1996b. ” Signo y Seña 6. 459–489. ———. 1997. ” América Negra 14. 147–165. ———. 1998a.

Althoff (1994) encountered a few cases of paragogic vowels in vestigial Afro-Mexican speech, along the Costa Chica of Guerrero state. 2. My own fieldwork in this region (Lipski 1986e, 1987a) did not detect this form, evidently not commonly used. 3. For examples in some rustic dialects of Andalusia, the common loss of word-final /l/ is accompanied by loss of intervocalic /l/; this may lead to a new type of plural formation: arbo/árboe, perá < peral/perae, animá < animal/animae (Moya Corral 1979:81–84).

The texts and analysis in Lipski 2005), particularly in neighboring Afro-Argentine and Afro-Uruguayan speech. Aymara-influenced Spanish interlanguage, on the other hand, freely neutralizes /o/-/u/ and /e/-/i/ in all tonic and atonic positions, with either the mid or high vowels appearing. Taken together, these facts suggest that in addition to the inevitable results of contact with Aymara-dominant second-language speakers of Spanish, as well as through knowledge of the Aymara language, Table 1. Feature Afro-Yungueño O-V word order 3s.

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