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By Philip M. Peek

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This precise choice of essays by way of a superb foreign workforce of Africanists demonstrates the important function that divination keeps to play all through Africa in retaining cultural structures and in guiding human motion. African Divination structures deals insights for present discussions in comparative epistemology, cross-cultural psychology, cognition reviews, semiotics, ethnoscience, non secular reviews, and anthropology.

"This quantity of finely crafted case stories is usually the motor vehicle for a huge normal thought of divination.... this can be a booklet overflowing with principles that may powerfully stimulate additional research." ― Journal of formality Studies

"The essays during this assortment supply a truly invaluable assessment of either the range of African divination platforms and of contemporary ways to their study." ― Choice

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Lastly, there are the abemilozi or inyanga yemilozi.  . l).  Such imagery is encountered throughout Africa, both in terms of tracking down the truth and of discovering the proper pattern of factors relevant to the client's problem.  This critical Page 25 matter of diviners' cross­gender identification is discussed in Peek's essay in this volume.  An individual's selection may be signaled by patterned non­normal behavior (see Blier's essay) or, as among the Bena Lulua, by a period of illness or misfortune (McLean and Solomon 1971:38).

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