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1980a, b). Termination of Brain Stem Fibers in the MEH. (Electron Microscopic Studies) Lesions were placed in various brain stem regions, where HRP labeled cells occurred in higher numbers (Fig. 7). Results are summarized in Table 2. Lesions were termed after the various monoaminergic cell groups, although the lesioned area also contained other cells and fibers. In accordance with light microscopic degeneration studies, it can be stated that the NVM receives afferents not only from more sources than the other areas, but also that the amount of its afferentation, as judged by the number of degenerated terminals, exceeds that in other areas.

23). Reactions of 'decreasing magnitude were resulted from the NPE, RCA, and NA injections, and the lowest number of labeled cells were seen after the infiltration of the central part of the NVM. Relatively few labeled cells are found in the anterior and posterior cortical nuclei. The anterior cortical nucleus projects toward the RCA, NA, and NVM; the posterior cortical nucleus projects toward the NPE, NVM and the "cell-free" zone. 47 Fig. 23A- C. Photomicrographs showing labeld cells in the posteromedial amygdaloid nucleus of animal no.

1974) and noradrenaline (Dalstrom and Fuxe 1964) cells (Table 1). These neuropeptides were identified with immunocytochemistry (Hokfelt et al. 1978a) in the tenninals of the MBH. Lacking direct evidence, it cannot be established whether labeled cells contain neuropeptides and/or biogenic arnines. 3 Serotoninergic Afferentation Of all the MBH regions, the most massive projection from the raphe (mainly, the central superior and linear nuclei) is directed toward the rostral part of the periventri- cular nucleus.

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