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By Frank J. Dixon

The fiftieth quantity in a monographic sequence on immunology. one of the issues coated listed here are avian T-cell ontogeny, adoptive move of human lymphoid cells to critically immuno-deficient mice and histamine-releasing components and cytokine-dependent activation of basophils and mast cells.

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In this regard, it is interesting that Vbse should be inducible genes, because it is a common observation that responses to Mls-la, although very potent on most days, vary far more than do responses to MHC differences (C. Janeway, personal observation). This is in keeping with the inducible nature of Vbse genes. E. MICE TRANSGENIC FOR A GIVEN Mtv EXPRESS A Vbse Acha-Orbea and colleagues have also noted a relationship between Vbse and endogenous retroviruses. Using cloned Mtv genes, they have prepared mice transgenic for an Mtv associated with Vp14 deletion.

This is based on another anomalous finding in my laboratory. A(5R) mice by spleen cells but not by fibroblasts transfected with suitable MHC class I1 genes. By contrast, both spleen cells and fibroblasts can present SEA to VP3-bearing T cells, and SEB to VPS-bearing T cells. These data suggest that some element is missing in the fibroblasts, because all the components of the working model are present and functional. Thus, we have proposed that SEs may act not as a homologue of MIS but rather by binding to self Vbse.

C. This Vbse also maps to the orf gene within the MMTV genome. MMTV is the exogenous form of the endogenous Mtv retroviruses. Apparently, MMTV genomes have inserted into the germ line of mice over the past million years, moving to several different locations and varying in structure (Coffin, 1990). This gives rise to the surprising complexity of Vbse inheritance. 40 CHARLES A. JANEWAY, JR. D. Mtv TRANSCRIPTS ARE HIGHLY EXPRESSED IN ACTIVATEDB CELLS As noted earlier, B cells are the main stimulator type in responses to Vbse.

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