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By George Klein, Sidney Weinhouse, Alexander Haddow (Eds.)

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This publication is the checklist of the lawsuits of a NATO complicated research Institute held in Erice, Sicily, from the second - twelfth June 1981, within which scientists and clinicians drawn to the issues provided through melanoma of the kidney and the prostate have been inspired to provide, to debate and to problem the critiques expressed and the ideals held by way of different participants.

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I n other words, the sporadic effects observed by Haddow (1965) were converted into a response seen in 60% of the treated animals by changing to a more widespread regime for the immunization. The advantage of multiple over single sites of immunization, even when the total number of irradiated tumor cells used is the same, was also apparent from experiments (Parr, 1970) involving the arrest of mouse lymphomas. In one of the tumors, a n effect was only seen following multiple immunization, and a single immunization failed t o arrest the growth of even a very small innoculum of 100 cells.

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