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By Francois Lepine

You're hugely inspired to learn the introductive ebook "Qi-Gong and Kuji-In" earlier than you cross directly to the complicated innovations provided during this booklet. enthusiastic about the transformation of self from inside of, Kuji-in is a Buddhist ritual perform that won't in basic terms paintings you to turn into the grasp of your lifestyles, yet also will produce unheard of observable manifestations of serious power, healthiness, actual and psychological power. training Kuji-In because it is gifted the following will aid and improve each motion you're taking in lifestyles. Your psychic talents will evolve, and you'll in achieving an accelerated notion of the realm

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I used Kuji-In to get in touch with the aspect I wanted to work on, and then I stopped the specific Kuji-In practice so I could concentrate on emotional transmutation. At each in-breath, I let myself feel the emotion, completely aware of it, allowing myself to feel every sensation that came up, and to absorb the ‘flavor’ of these feelings. In order to get underneath the fear, I went down to the emotion of feeling abandoned. I sat within the emotion of abandonment in a state of complete acceptance for some time.

When someone touches you gently, consciously feel it physically and emotionally. When you are touched aggressively, do the same. When you are the subject of the opinions of others, whether they tell you how good you are or how bad you are, embrace the opinion without judgment, but with compassion. There is only experience, and it is always a perfect experience. - 63 - KAI Technique Interlace all of your fingers, with the tip of each finger pressing into the root of the facing finger. Chakra: Heart Mantra jp: On no-o ma ku san man da ba sa ra dan kan Mantra sk: Om namah samanta vajranam ham The Heart chakra is the perceptive and emitting organ of the soul.

Do not jump from one thread to another; trace one experience to its root cause, following one thread at a time. As you allow the emotions to exist, without avoiding them or rejecting them, the emotion is freed up, and the energy associated with it ceases to be trapped; the emotion is alive again, emancipated. When you stop blocking it and permit it to BE, your consciousness can understand the profound essence of that emotion. During the exercise of becoming the emotion, this previously problematic feeling will be re-set to a peaceful, natural state and you will get an abstract but clear understanding of your human experience.

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