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72 'The Coromantes', about a group of Africans captured for slavery, A Quartet of Liverpudlians 37 blends the themes of the trade in black slaves and that m European 'slaves' who are pressed against their will into fighting for the 'lordlings': Oh Britons! behold in these Coromantees The fate of an agonized world, Where, in peace, a few lordlings hold millions in chains, Where, in war, for these lordlings men open their veins, And again to the dungeons are hurled! 73 His categories of just and unjust wars made it possible, while hating Britain's war with France, to idealize Toussaint L'Ouverture as he rallied the blacks of Santo Domingo in their fight to expel both the British and the French.

When the Roscoe men put out a placard, 'I have voted for myself. Ben Tarleton', the Tarleton men retaliated with 'I wish I could vote for myself. Will Roscoe. '80 The election returns indicate the decline of the old Corporation's power, for its candidate, Gascoyne, ran far behind Roscoe in votes. Tarleton also trailed badly. 81 Roscoe seems to have trimmed his sails a bit to help his election along. In his victory speech at the Golden Lion, he stood firmly for peace with France and for parliamentary reform; but on the slave-trade issue he advocated compensation to those who would suffer losses, putting the blame for the trade on the nation and its government rather than on the Liverpool merchants.

4 But all lived through the heady days of the American and French Revolutions when talk of liberty and equality filled the air and people of reason and intellect were posing hard questions about the course of British politics and society. All but Currie lived to rejoice together over the abolition of the British slave trade in 1807, their major victory; none witnessed the passage of the Emancipation Act of 1833, although it was imminent enough for Roscoe to foresee its success before he died in 1831.

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