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By Richard J. Block, Emmett L. Durrum, Gunter Zweig

A handbook of Paper Chromatography and Paper Electrophoresis offers a finished dialogue of the recommendations of paper chromatography and paper electrophoresis. The ebook is equipped into components. half I on paper chromatography offers a without difficulty obtainable resource for the various many makes use of and variations of paper chromatography. An attempt has been made to jot down a realistic guide within which attempted and proved tactics, utilizing really uncomplicated apparatus and to be had reagents, are summarized. half II on paper electrophoresis discusses simple ideas and technique. The emphasis all through has been at the separation of protein combos, relatively blood serum. This displays the truth that it really is during this specific software that paper electrophoresis has up to now no longer been challenged through paper chromatography, while a few of the smaller molecules may be resolved both good or higher by means of the to this point extra broadly hired chromatographic systems.

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A crystallizing dish set on top of the cone of the smaller funnel serves as the solvent trough. The cone of the other funnel serves as the base. The paper disk rests on the upper edge of a paper GENERAL METHODS 29 cylinder which surrounds the glass funnels. The wick is made from a cotton thread pulled through the center of the paper disk. The entire apparatus is placed into a 6 X 18-inch glass cylinder. The use of glass desiccators for large filter paper disks is recommended. The paper disk, having a larger diameter than the bottom half of the desiccator, is supported on the rim and held down by the desiccator top.

Another movement of the paper is then made, the spectrophotometer is brought to balance again, and the second reading is recorded. This process is continued for the length of the strip. FIG. 16. Adapter used for direct photometry of paper strip chromatograms (Tennent, 1951). When the absorbance readings are plotted against the distance along the strip, measured in turns of the indicator shaft, the Rf values of the different components can be calculated in the usual manner. A semiquantitative evaluation can be made by measuring the areas under the curve.

Unidimensional strip chromatograms containing radioactive materials may be scanned with a Geiger tube (see Section 6, below). By attaching an automatic recorder, curves are obtained (distance vs. counting rate) which can be directly compared with the chromatogram. (it) Treatment with radioactive compounds. Amino acids after chromatography may be treated on the paper with p-I131-phenylsulfonylchloride, thus forming I131 derivatives ("pipsyl derivatives") which can be located by the methods described above (Keston, 1947).

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