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By Paula J. Rose

In De cura seasoned mortuis gerenda Augustine interweaves an review of burial close to the memorial of a martyr with a chain of dream narratives. The seeming loss of coherence among argument and narrative during this treatise has wondered many scholars.
Combining an research of the final constitution of the argument and an in depth philological observation, this research exhibits that Augustine’s textual content kinds a well-composed cohesion. The examine relies on discourse-linguistic and narratological ideas in addition to an research of the worldwide constitution of the narratives. hoping on this mixed strategy Rose demonstrates how Augustine explores the whole breadth of his narrative fabric within the carrier of his argument. furthermore, this publication situates Augustine’s textual content in its cultural-historical context.

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4, 6, 45 and 50. These letters have also been transmitted in the corpus of Augustine’s letters (Aug. ep. 25, 30, 94 and 121 respectively). The only letter written to Alypius is Paul. Nol. epist. 3 (Aug. ep. 24). Except for epist. 50, all of these were also written on behalf of Therasia. The correspondence started with a letter by Augustine’s old friend Alypius to Paulinus; Alypius and Augustine had heard about the Christian senator Paulinus during their stay in Milan in the mid 380’s. When Alypius and Augustine arrived in Milan, Paulinus had already left the city and had 47 See also carm.

64. 23, lemma frater scilicet. 14 Unfortunately, it is not possible to reconstruct the exact date of retr. either. Drecoll (2007: 251) assumes that retr. was written sometime between 424 and 428. Mutzenbecher (1984: XIII) proposes 427 as the probable year of writing. Perler (1969: 385) refers to Bardy (1950: 31) for the same dating. If this is correct, cura mort. must have been written before 427. 8 chapter one order is of importance for the discussion of the possible year of writing cura mort.

1, I discuss the conception of the hereafter in the works of Augustine and other early Christian authors. : the use of metaphors of space and the metaphor of Abraham’s bosom. : prayers, the Eucharist and the giving of alms. 3, I discuss some of the reasons why the Christians of the fourth and fifth century desired a depositio ad sanctos for their deceased loved ones, and what kind of assistance they expected from the martyrs. The section ends with some remarks about the ways in which scholars have interpreted the literary sources concerning the history of martyrdom.

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