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By Justin Racz

We've all had undesirable days: misplaced our keys, damaged a nail, neglected a educate. a few days, even if, are a lot worse than others, as Justin Racz proves during this hilarious new addition to the damage hit Worse Than Yours sequence. gathering fifty of the main memorable "bad days," this outrageous publication catalogs every little thing from the day-by-day ("First grey hair noticed") to the mythical ("Eve eats apple"), from the general public ("New York urban sanitation strike") to the painfully inner most ("Ricky will get atomic wedgie, 1976"). An encouraged and entirely illustrated testomony to schadenfreude, 50 Days Worse than Yours proves that not anything is as common as pain. no matter if you are a child ("Picked final in gym-again"), a brand new father or mother ("Barney invented"), or dealing with down heart age ("AARP card arrives"), you will be absolute to locate a few convenience during this riotous compilation of items long gone improper. in the end, it can were a lot, a lot worse... Justin Racz is the writer of fifty Boyfriends Worse Than Yours, 50 family members Worse Than...

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Adam and Eve Eat Apple 2. Bris 3. Hunting with Cheney 4. SATs 5. Stranded at Airport 6. M. Violin Practice 7. Shark Bite 8. Lost the Spelling Bee 9. Ran Out of Ketchup 10. Bridesmaid, Yet Again 1 1. Bought Titanic Tickets 12. Not This Dog's Day 13. Birthmas 14. AARP Card Arrives 15. Jury Duty 16. Getting Whacked 17. Ousted from Clique 18. Valentine-less Day 19. Jeopardy Loser 20. Tattoo Typo 21. Bank Hostage 22. Colonoscopy 23. Broke a Nail 24. Judgment Day 25. Pimple on Prom Night 26. Forgot Permission Slip 27.

Getting yet another silver key chain bridesmaid gift. Nobody looks good in pink taffeta. And you're out $600. 1 1. m. �660 ($3,330 American) for a two-bedroom parlor suite; £86 ($430) for a single first-class ticket; £7 ($35) for a third-class ticket. Seven pounds for a luxury cruise seemed like a good deal at the time. It was not. Caveat emptor. Voyages on ridiculously enormous passenger crafts have historically gone badly, such as Howard Hughes's Spruce Goose and the zeppelin Hindenburg. When commuter flights to outer space become available, think twice.

Eat more lettuce. But not iceberg. Iceberg is mostly water with few nutrients. Choose romaine. Or mesclun. 51. M. Violin Practice: Gemma Choi Shark Bite: Carl Roessler, copyright 2003, Department of Defense Lost the Spelling Bee: Justin Rudd Bridesmaid, Yet Again: Julie Soefer Not This Dog's Day: Scott Frankel Jury Duty: Daniel Berman Ousted from Clique: Tina Ritter Judgment Day: Waiting for the Son, Grayce Pedulla Dillon Pimple on Prom Night: Mr. : Laura Jane, Chris Nielson Ran with the Bulls: Yi Liu Fastball in the Nuts: Michael Schipper Thanksgiving at the In-laws': Richard Giles Your Last Day: Ann Sanfredel, Sign Language: A Photograph Album of Visual Puns (Citadel Press, 1992) All others photographed by Justin Racz and Alec Brownstein.

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